Live without regret

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live life without regret - reece arcon at waterfall

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to life coaching, vision boards and goal setting when I was 18. I was taught to write down everything that was important to me.

It was through this process I realised I needed to consider all aspects of my life. What do I enjoy? What and who would I miss if they were to disappear from my life? Where do I want to live and why? What makes me happy, smile and fills me with that sense of joy? What situations/people would I like to never have to deal with again? It’s questions like these and many more that I repeatedly answer. (Because your life changes, so must your goals)

I’ve written it all down on pieces of paper for years, and you should too.

I’ve also had the privilege of coaching hundreds of people and during that process I’ve noticed there are a lot of similarities about what people want.

I’ve always had the belief to do things now/soon as you never know what life will bring. The most recent example of Kobe is point and case.

Setting goals is an absolute must if you want to live a fulfilled life- but what if you don’t know what you want? I see this with clients all the time. “How do I set goals if I don’t know what I want?”

I’ll make some suggestions to get you started

Think about the weather. What do you prefer? Year-round sunshine? Four seasons? Low humidity? Minimal rainfall?
So where do you want to live and why?
(The weather has such a big impact on my mood I’ve always moved around for it)

Consider things related to infrastructure and daily life. How important is high-speed internet, swimming pools, beaches, parks and major shopping centres?

How do you like to spend your free time? Do you like to surf, fish, hike, dive, play golf, garden, or take dance lessons? (Right Holly!)

Are you interested in the arts like museums, live theater, foreign movies, fine dining, and high end shopping?

Do you like to move around? Would your ideal life include lots of travel or are you happy to stay in one city? Do you like to have a set routine or do you like to be spontaneous?

Where do you like to eat? In restaurants most of the time or do you prefer to cook at home?

Are you prepared to work hard and make more money to live in an expensive city/country or would you prefer an easier life?

Do you intend to invest in a place close to where you live or in another state or country? How do the local laws affect your investing goals as well as the costs of buying and selling? (which can vary from a few hundred dollars in some countries to higher than 30% in others)

Do you want always want to own a car or are you comfortable with the walkability of where you live, Taxi/Uber and the accessibility of local public transportation?

If you wish to live overseas will you want to be able to return to see your kids/grandkids later in life?

Do you need or want to generate an income late in life to help support new adventures?

Do you want to minimise your tax? If so your best option can be to start a business (which, by the way, is easier to do today than ever before in history).

Do you search outside the box for the costs of other countries labour pools and other countries general business climate?

What would you like to see from your bedroom window every morning when you wake up? The beach? A plant based landscape? City skyscrapers?

My advice is simple.
Always be planning long term, achieving as much as you can short term and asking yourself questions. Are you on track to get to where you want to be? (Do you know where you want to be?)

I’ve always found writing ambitions down gets them out of my head and acting on them quicker. A goal not written down is simply a dream. Life doesn’t always go to plan but failing to plan is planning to fail. I’ve achieved an incredible amount in the last 16 years, things that most only dreams about. I put a lot of it down to knowing what I wanted and having a plan to get it. After traveling the world countless times and building several businesses (and suffering the devastation of some business failures) I’m excited for what’s next.

If you need help doing any of this yourself then drop me a line and I’ll help you out. I’m constantly amazed that people are embarrassed or find it silly to talk about this stuff. They will be the ones sitting in retirement homes full of regret.

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