How to Enjoy the Routine Tasks in Life

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man doing chores

Everyday duties that may not be the most enjoyable are placed into our routines because they are necessary to keep us moving forward in life.

It can’t just be me doing chores such as washing the dishes, fixing things, going to work, and packing our screaming toddler and preschooler into the car to get someplace on time.

The point is that we all have to complete daily duties that we may not naturally find enjoyable.
Perhaps we have even grown to detest them and allow them to hover over us in a way that clouds a portion of our day.

In order to assist you make your own unpleasant tasks a little more pleasurable, I’d like to offer a few things that have helped me discover how to find joy in routine tasks.

1. Combine the boring duty with a fun one.

Try combining your boring work with something else you like doing at the same time if it doesn’t take a lot of concentration.
Some suggestions include playing your favorite music or podcast, lighting a candle, diffusing some essential oils, or making a call to your best buddy to speak as you work on your current activity.
Find a way to make that task a little more pleasurable, and I’ll bet you’ll start anticipating doing it again the following time!

2. Convert the task into a game or a challenge for yourself.

Try making a game out of seeing how quickly you can complete the activity if you really detest it.
My least favorite duty is probably cleaning bathrooms, so if I’m really fighting to get myself to do it, I’ll sometimes set a timer and see how quickly I can finish.
This may also be effective for someone who is inherently competitive.
Trying to beat your previous record is kind of entertaining and helps the task go by more quickly.

3. Adjust your outlook

It can greatly assist to have a more optimistic perspective about completing a task if you shift your thought process from one of something you have to do, to something you choose to do.

4. Give praise to yourself

Maybe you tell yourself, “I get to have a piece of dark chocolate for dessert or lounge in peace on the couch for 5 minutes when the cleaning is done,” when you’re faced with the flurry of doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen each night after dinner.
When you’re not feeling very motivated, having a reward to look forward to will surely help you push through!

5. Celebrate a job well done.

When you’ve completed the task at hand, make sure to celebrate your accomplishment!
Especially when it’s a task you dread, crossing something off your to-do list might feel extremely nice.
It can make you feel successful and perhaps even less inclined to fear performing the same activity again in the future if you give yourself the pat on the back you deserve.


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