The Key To Be Wealthy

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key to wealth

The wealthy don’t follow the rules that the rest of us are told to follow, so I’m going to reveal their trade secrets to you.
Keep reading to see what you must do in order to join the wealth top 1 percent, someone who earns 10 times as much as the average Joe, and someone with the ambition to continually do more and go bigger.

The rich break patterns, assist others, produce jobs, invest in their own well-being, network with other wealthy individuals, and have a greater vision than others.

There are four things you should know, though, before I continue:

  • A millionaire can be anyone.
  • Everyone can have financial independence.
  • They differ from one another.
  • The length of time it takes for both depends on output, discipline, and the environment you hang out in.

Rule 1: The Status Quo

Your belief that you have control over factors such as your money, your success, and your destiny will be conditioned by the current quo.
It will keep telling you lies until the lies begin to seem more credible than the facts.
The status quo will take all reasonable measures to ensure that you abide by its laws and that it maintains total power.

Because of this, most people spend more than 40 years in a job they despise.
They have been instructed to attend college, earn a degree, put in 40 years of service, and then retire.
They follow the rules of the status quo and then whine about their lot in life and all the lies they’ve been fed, but they won’t admit that it’s not their fault at all.
They follow the crowd because they are terrified of standing out and being perceived as different.

Rich people don’t follow the rules of the game.
They continually attempt new ideas and remake themselves.
People who won’t challenge the current quo are typically followers rather than leaders, so be wary of them.
Wealthy people don’t play by the book. They have loftier aspirations and won’t ever settle for the conventional means of supporting themselves.
Additionally, they have at least 7 sources of revenue.

Rule 2: Never go overboard with your spending.

If you are spending more money than you are earning, you will never be financially successful.
It is impossible to climb a hill while your feet are chained together.
How do you stop then?
The first step is to create and adhere to a budget.

Start repaying your debt as opposed to making unnecessary purchases.
The biggest threat to wealth is debt.
Consider this: if you earn $1,000 and owe $3,000, you are only receiving a 33.33 percent return on your investment rather than a 100% return.
Now, if the same $1,000 were free of debt, you would receive an endless return on your investment.

You must have less debt in order to be prosperous.
You cannot spend money on hedonistic, unimportant things if you want to be wealthy.
Wealthy people are aware of their financial limitations.
They are thrifty in many areas of life.
Keep in mind that you must sacrifice now and stay poor in order to eventually reap the rewards of your labor.

Rule 3: Hang out with successful people

The most important item to read is this, so read it first before anything else.
The Five People You Spend the Most Time With Make Up Your Average Self.
Studies have repeatedly shown that it is true.
What does that imply then?

It implies that if you associate with poor people, you will too be poor.
If you spend time with people who constantly moan about money and live paycheck to paycheck, guess what?
You’ll be grumbling about how nothing works out for you and how poor you are for the rest of your life.
Surround yourself with winners who are concerned with the future, earning money, generating riches for future generations, and creating wealth.

Rule 4: Discipline

How long will it take me to reach millionaire status?
That is up to you.
Producing is a must for wealth.
You must work hard, concentrate, and be committed to earning money.
Don’t just be a cog in the machine for your company; dedicate yourself to its success.
Choose what will be yours, pursue it with all of your might, and never allow anything stand in your way.

Concentrate 95% of your time, effort, and resources on revenue generation.
Get rid of anything that doesn’t generate income (stop partying and shopping for goods you don’t need).
Plan out your production strategy to reach your $1 million goal and put your money and effort into income-generating activities to 10X activity.

Rule 5: Take Action

Decisions require repeated expenditures of time, energy, and money in order to be followed up on.
The majority of people never act on the information they get because they are too distracted and unable to follow through.

Are you prepared to build your own wealth?
It won’t be simple, and if there were a way to “become rich quick,” I would have found it by now.
There are three options available to you:

  • Do Nothing
  • Make it on your own… Make a group, seek out a mentor, learn the skills, break all of your bad habits on your own, and be disciplined to do it every day for the next ten years.
  • You can work with my team and I, and we’ll do all of that and more.
    We can provide you with all the tools you need to begin making money for yourself.



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