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With over $250 Million in total sales volume, I lead by example.

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How to come up with a business idea

  If you are tired of working for someone else and want to become an entrepreneur, the first thing you need to decide is what

reece arcon with 3000 flights

250 Cities and 3000 Flights

Late last year I got on my 3000th flight, visited my 250th city and realised I’d gone pro at using frequent flyer and hotel rewards points.
(I’m good but not as good as the guys at they really know their stuff)

I’m a firm believer in gratitude and while I’ve had alot and lost alot something I’ll always be grateful for is the hundreds of friends I have from around the world. People who enjoy traveling (who often can’t sit still) are a special breed and I’m honoured to be one of them.
I caught the travel bug in my early 20’s and have been lucky enough to visit 82 countries since then……….

live life without regret - reece arcon at waterfall

Live without regret

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to life coaching, vision boards and goal setting when I was 18. I was taught to write down everything that was important to me.

It was through this process I realised I needed to consider all aspects of my life. What do I enjoy? What and who would I miss if they were to disappear from my life? Where do I want to live and why? What makes me happy, smile and fills me with that sense of joy? What situations/people would I like to never have to deal with again? It’s questions like these and many more that I repeatedly answer. (Because your life changes, so must your goals)…………


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